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Contents: Summer 2009, vol 7 no 2

Editor ~ Richard Gilbert [bio] [email]

Editor's Introduction

Jim Kacian, Featured Poet


~ Patrick Pilarski, Merrill Gonzales, Anthony Marcoff, Dave Young, Lilia Racheva, Don Baird, Neal Whitman, Jyothirmai Gubili, Frank Williams

Duo, Trio 1

~ _kala, Jo McInerney, Susan Constable, Diana Webb, John Barlow, Garry Eaton, Horst Ludwig

Duo, Trio 2

~ Linda Pilarski, Colin Stewart Jones, Tyrone McDonald, Raquel D. Bailey, William Cullen Jr, Scott Metz


~ ed markowski, Dietmar Tauchner, Peter Yovu, Dick Whyte, Peggy Lyles, Tyler Pruett

George Hawkins

Clare McCotter


Renku: Collaborative Linked Verse
Editor ~ Moira Richards [bio] [email]
Introduction to Renku

Renku Editor's Notes

Twisty Chunks: Kasen
  Twisty Chunks ~ Keith Kumasen Abbott
  Remarks on Twisty Chunks ~
Keith Kumasen Abbott
One Set of Footprints: Junicho
  One Set of Footprints ~ Diana Webb
  Solo Renku ~ Diana Webb
Our Neighbor's Tree: New Shisan
  Our Neighbor's Tree ~ Karen Cesar
  A Beginner's Solo Renku ~ Karen Cesar
Eulalia Waves Us: Shisan
  Eulalia Waves Us ~ Kris Kondo, Eiko Yachimoto, Yoshiko Uchiyama, Sousui Yuasa (Nobuyuki Yuasa), Kikuyo Sugiura, Tateshi Tsukamoto
  Tomegaki for Eulalia Waves Us ~ Eiko Yachimoto
Private View: Nijuin
  Private View ~ Max Verhart, Vanessa Proctor, Frank Williams, Paul Smith
  A Renku Perspective ~ Frank Williams
Beneath Thin Snow: Triparshva
  Beneath Thin Snow ~ Carole MacRury, Colin Stewart Jones, Gerald England, Alison Williams, Susan Shand, Kathy Earsman, Norman Darlington, Mary White
  Beneath Thin Snow: Notes ~ Carole MacRury, Alison Williams, Susan Shand, Kathy Earsman, Norman Darlington, Mary White, Gerald England

About the Reviews Section
Robert D. Wilson:
  Walden by Haiku by Ian Marshall
  The Heart Takes Wing: Selected Poems from Straggling into Winter by Kathy Kituai, music by Nitya Bernard Parker
  Doorway To The Sky by Noriko Tanaka
  Contemporary Haibun, Volume 9 edited by Jim Kacian, Bruce Ross, and Ken Jones
  Tanka From The Edge by Miriam Sagan
Johnye Strickland:
  Streetlights: Poetry of Urban Life in Modern English Tanka
edited by Michael McClintock and
Denis M. Garrison
  Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka
edited by M. Kei, Sanford Goldstein, Pamela A. Babusci, Patricia Prime, Bob Lucky, and Kala Ramesh
  Blue Night & The Inadequacy of
Long-stemmed Roses

by Larry Kimmel

Features: Interviews & Essays
About the Features Section
A Definition of the ideal form of traditional tanka written in English
  by Amelia Fielden, Denis Garrison, and Robert D. Wilson
Tanka by Kisaburo Konoshima
  Newly translated by David Callner
An Interview With Babak Gray, the Director of Bashō and the Travelogue of Weather-Beaten Bones
  Interviewed by Robert D. Wilson

Editor ~ Lynne Rees  [bio] [email]

Editor's Introduction

Simply Haiku Haibun Challenge:

Tish Davis—"Pentimento"
Bob Lucky—"Cowboy"
John W. Sexton—"The Cattle Yard in Brosna"

David Cobb

Laryalee Fraser

Joyce Hildebrand

Jim Kacian

Bob Lucky

Ed Markowski

Dru Philippou


Ray Rasmussen

Barbara Taylor

Modern Haiga
Editor ~ Carol Raisfeld  [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
New Submission Guidelines
Gillena Cox
M. Frost
David Giacalone
Jacek Margolak
Alexis Rotella
Robert D. Wilson
Ashley Wood

Traditional Haiga
Editor ~ Carol Raisfeld  [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
New Submission Guidelines
In Memoriam: Joyce Maxner
Robyn Buntin Gallery ~ Woodblock Exhibit

Editor ~ Kirsty Karkow [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Dave Bacharach
Jeanne Emrich
Martin Grenfell
Marilyn Hazelton
Carole MacRury
Carol Raisfeld
Andrew Riutta
Carmel Summers

Editor ~ Al Pizzarelli  [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Carlos Colón, Featured Poet
Senryu ~ s/he loves me s/he loves me not
Act I: Anita Virgil, Alexis Rotella, Jodie Hawthorne, Mykel Board, Tanya McDonald, Cor van den Heuvel, Carol Raisfeld, Cheryl Daytec-Yangot, Tanya McDonald, Claudia Coutu Radmore, Al Pizzarelli, Donna Beaver, Christopher Herold
Act II: _kala, Bob Brill, stephen a. peters, Paul O. Williams, Cheryl Daytec-Yangot, W.F. Owen, Carol Raisfeld, Michael McClintock, Dee Evetts, A Thiagarajan, Ed Higgins, Anita Virgil, Alexis Rotella

About the Reprints Section
What Makes Eve Different? Patricia Prime Interviews Miriam Sagan

Management Staff
Managing Editor ~ Robert D. Wilson  [bio] [email]
Associate Editor ~ Johnye Strickland  [bio] [email]
Associate Editor ~ Carol Raisfeld  [bio] [email]
Webmaster ~ Keith Heiberg [bio] [email] 
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