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Summer 2009, vol 7 no 2


One Set of Footprints: Junicho


one set of footprints
going out in the snow
a sliver of moon


we breathe in dust
from peppermint creams


flanking my godmother
in that portrait on the wall
the wings of her chair


'across a crowded room'
words take him back


the solitaire in her ring
the sole focus

call of flying geese
a summons to prayer

on their way to school
the kids in Mrs Brown's class
pick up leaves


deadline day
for the lab director's job


the horizon outlined
by a field of poppies
between the green ones


identified among others
the Italian flag


boots put away now
with their lambswool lining
as new lambs appear

foam bobbles the waves
for the year's first paddle

By Diana Webb

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