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Summer 2009, vol 7 no 2

Feature Poet: Carlos Colon

Edited by Alan Pizzarelli


Carlos Colón is one of the funniest senryu poets I know—

                          in the middle
                          of making love
                          counting syllables

I’m talkin’ funny:

                          zen concert
                          an air guitar
                          slightly out of tune


During the 2007 HNA Conference in North Carolina, Carlos brought the house down at the Sawtooth club with his laugh out loud senryu, brilliant improvisational wit and unique character that is Carlos Colón.

Carlos is the author of 11 chapbooks including Mountain Climbing and Clocking Out, two collections of haiku and concrete poetry; Sassy, a collection of linked poems written with Alexis Rotella, and Circling Bats and Wall Street Park, two books of concrete renku written with Raffael de Gruttola.

His work has appeared in a variety of publications including The Red Moon Anthology, Modern Haiku, Journal of Poetry Therapy, Writer’s Digest, and Louisiana Literature.

His poetry has also been part of three public art projects: the “Let the Good Times Roll” mural in Shreveport’s Festival Plaza, "Highway Haiku," and a renku display outside a temple on Sado Island in Japan.  In addition, Colón edited Voices and Echoes, the 2001 Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology and is editor of Shreve Memorial Library’s Electronic Poetry Network.


first day of spring
the plop


taking my glasses
the optician disappears
into the wall paper


in the wrong
place again—
my accent


haiku conference
even the taxi driver
has an opinion


winter solstice
I delete an e-mail                     
from Jesus


haiku security: Issa on a no-fly list




third DWI
his right headlight
swollen shut


  at the hazardous
        waste site
an eight-leaf clover


1967 on my
trip odometer


staff lounge chess game
a pawn on the verge
of promotion


all the red lights
funeral procession


my daughter's eyes
when I refuse
the beggar


at the zoo
a speckled painter

Carlos Colón



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All poems copyright © 2009 by Carlos Colón; by permission of the author.

Superimposed graphic design by Donna Beaver.  Photographs: Carlos Colón (face) by Rose-Marie Lillian; Milton Berle (body), ca. 1952, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.