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Autumn 2009, vol 7 no 3


Melissa Watkins Starr
Part of a haiku series written on the Depression era



where'm I gonna work
in Fries, Virginia except
this dern cotton mill?

come break time I'll buy
me a pack of Lucky Strikes
off the dope wagon

heat is dangerous
you need to see the foreman
he's got salt tablets

work the fields 'til noon
how sweet a ripe tomato
tastes straight off the vine

two threadbare dresses
one slip, one bra, a shawl, shoes
all the clothes I've got

walking beside me
his eyes track other women
he don't hear me speak

cherry blossom cups
pink patterned glass premiums
sparkle on my shelf

Melissa Watkins Starr Melissa Watkins Starr is currently enrolled in the MFA program at Warren Wilson College. She resides in Portsmouth, VA, with her husband Brett. A former reporter, Starr now works as a freelance writer and editor. Her publication credits include: The Poet's Domain, an anthology of poetry; Voices on the Wind; The Greenleaf Review; The Lighthouse; The Washington Times; Real Estate Today; The Daily Press; Hampton Roads Magazine; The Blotter; Tidewater Women; In Good Company, an anthology of short stories; and Feminine Writes, an anthology published by the National Association of Women Writers.