Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Autumn 2009, vol 7 no 3


Assemblage 2
Groups read diagonally downward (beginning left-right-left, etc.)
The final haiku in a group is followed by the author's name.


hunger moon –
the scent of whiskey
   on his finger tips
  road kill –
a patch of snow
her finger curls
on the trigger
      just a shooting star
  sun shower
during my graduation
dad sheds a tear
cloud wisps –
      creases you left
in the sheets
  moon set:
   a knife     missing
 from her table
noon sun
the butt ends
of mud hens
  wire enclosure
the lemur's tail
slowly curls
today uncertain
of his love –
wind-bowed grass
  a gentle breeze
along the beach
tai chi shadows
lazy morning
the way fog slides
from a leaf
  planting the garden –
what to do with the rest
of my life
twisted branches –
camellia blossoms
bruised by rain
  three crows . . .
the shifting triangle
of flight
late for dinner –
I snap the ends off
  clenched fingers –
the gates to the cemetery
wide open
summer evening
swallows trace
a forest of pine
  yoshino petals
after the bee
Whitecaps –
     swallows overlap

"hunger moon –," "road kill –," "her finger curls," "sun shower," "cloud wisps –," "moon set:" Raquel D. Bailey "noon sun," "wire enclosure," "today uncertain" Carolyn Hall
"a gentle breeze," "lazy morning," "planting the garden –," "twisted branches –," "three crows . . .," "late for dinner –," "clenched fingers –," Susan Constable "summer evening," "yoshino petals," "Whitecaps –" Alan S. Bridges