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Autumn 2009, vol 7 no 3


old pajamas

I had no choice
but to pull the wool
over your eyes
so empty inside I'd chop
off a finger to please you


in sandals
caught in sudden snow
which path to follow
home or to tea with you


my son
lost an eye in a fire
his father
in a firefight
lost only his bowels


her dog
pressed the lifeline
just ask the coroner
too stolid
to weep


nest bits and new borns...
my coat sleeve drips mice
the cat's reward
pink squeaks and soft bones
on the cold barn floor


name old pajamas lives in a blue cottage by a salt river, USA. He is the author of Biting the Buddha, published in 2000, reviewed by Robert Wilson in Simply Haiku. For a free copy, email .....