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Winter 2009, vol 7 no 4




Francis Attard Francis Attard is a retired teacher who lives on the Island of Malta. Country walks and sketching were pursued for years. Now he may dedicate more hours to these; and the study of flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.

Danny Blackwell Danny Blackwell (黒井) studied Music composition at Coventry University and wrote his thesis on the relationship between language and music. A haiku enthusiast, he is currently studying Japanese calligraphy in Japan while working as an English teacher.

Pris Campbell Among other journals and poetry collections, Pris Campbell's haiga and haiku have been published in Haigaonline, Simply Haiku, Moonset, Sketchbook, Mind Fire and The Oregon Review. Her free verse poetry has been published in Poems Niederngasse, MiPo Publications (print/digital/radio), Boxcar Poetry Review (her poem in the May 2007 issue won the issue's peer award), The Dead Mule: An Anthology of Southern Literature, In The Fray, Tears in the Fence and Thunder Sandwich. Her chapbook, Abrasions, was published by Rank Stranger Press and Interchangeable Goddesses, with Tammy Trendle, by Rose of Sharon Press, S.A. Griffin, publisher. Raised in the Carolinas, she has lived in the mid-west, Hawaii, New England and now lives in the greater West Palm Beach, Florida with her husband, a dog and a cat. Formerly a Clinical Psychologist, specializing in developing and running treatment units for people with chronic mental illnesses, she has been sidelined by CFIDS since 1990.

Susan Constable Susan Constable's haiku and senryu have been published in Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland, and Germany, both on-line and in print. Most recently, her work has been featured in New Resonance 6, July 2009. She has also achieved recognition through The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, Canada's Betty Drevniok Award, the 6th White Lotus Haiku Contest, and a Reader's Choice Award, also in White Lotus. She lives with her husband on Canada's west coast, where the natural world provides much of her subject matter, inspiration, and pleasure.

Bill Cooper serves as Distinguished University Professor and President Emeritus at the University of Richmond. Recent books include Buchanan's Reach, Wisdom of the Grottoes, and Flashpoint China.

Wende Skidmore DuFlon Wende Skidmore DuFlon lives in a semi-rural town outside La Antigua, Guatemala with her husband and three children. She has lived and worked in Mexico and Central America for the last 25 years working to reduce poverty through improved reproductive health, basic education, and nutrition. She enjoys her newfound living through the haiku optic and relishes the learning process that comes from mutual sharing of work with other writers. Her poems have been published in Ribbons, The Heron's Nest, and the Haiku Society of America 2009 Anthology.

Garry Eaton Garry Eaton is a newcomer to the world of haiku/haibun. He has been published only recently by Red Thread Haiku Sangha and by Contemporary Haibun Online. He is retired, and lives in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada.

Anne Elvey Anne Elvey is a poet and researcher living in Coburg, an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Her haiku and tanka have appeared in the Haiku and Related Forms section of Stylus Poetry Journal and in kipple. She has participated in online Renga with Cordite Poetry Review and online Renku (Kasen) at Issa's Snail. Her poetry chapbooks Stolen Heath (Melbourne Poets Union Platinum Chapbook Series) and Claimed by Country (PressPress) are forthcoming. Anne's research and writing is supported by the Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Monash University, and the Melbourne College of Divinity.

Lorin Ford Lorin Ford left school at fourteen, preferring a 'glamorous' career in hairdressing to her year 9 correspondence lessons in a small Victorian timber town. Later, she received an Honours degree in English Literature and a Dip. Ed., and taught in high schools. Several of her poems and haiku have won awards, including first prize in the paper wasp Jack Stamm Award for haiku in 2005 and 2006. Her first haiku collection, a wattle seedpod, was published by Post Pressed (Australia) in July, 2008.

Michael Lindenhofer Michael Lindenhofer lives on the outskirts of Linz, Austria. He works as an advisor in adult education, teaches German as a second language, and spends a lot of time walking in the countryside.

Peggy Willis Lyles Peggy Willis Lyles, Tucker, GA, is an associate editor of The Heron's Nest and a Red Moon Anthology staff member. Her most recent collection is To Hear the Rain: Selected Haiku of Peggy Lyles (Decatur, IL: Brooks Books, 2002.)

Ed Markowski Ed Markowski lives and writes in Auburn Hills, Michigan. His poetry was featured at Cornell University's Mann Library in March of 2005.

Francis Masat Francis Masat is Professor Emeritus, Rowan University, N.J. Originally from the Mid-West, he lives in Key West with his wife Carol. His recent chapbooks are A Taste of Key West, Pudding House Press, 2008, and Lilacs After Winter (haibun), MET Press, 2008.

Tyrone McDonald Tyrone McDonald is a Brooklyn resident. His haiku/senyru and tanka have appeared in Modern Haiku, bottle rockets, The Heron's Nest, Modern Tanka, the defunct Raw NerVZ and Black Bough, South by Southeast, Frogpond, and Haiku Presence.

Joan McNerney Joan McNerney

Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah, a vegetarian, has spent most of his adult life at Winneba, a centre of learning in Ghana. He was for a short time an assistant editor of a daily newspaper, and a long time mathematics and science teacher. He has practised poetry and art his entire life. His poetry has been accepted and appeared in literary journals, including Cordite Poetry Review, Haiku Scotland, Atlas Poetica, Modern Enlish Tanka, Paper Wasp, Ginyu, Asahi Shimbun, Presence, Eucalpt, Ambrosia, Shamrock, Moonset, Frogpond, World Haiku Review, and South by Southeast. He is currently working as freelance journalist.

In the photograph, he is sitting inside Ancient Cave at Boti in the eastern part of Ghana. Ancient Cave is not far from Boti Falls, Umbrella Rock, and Three headed Palm Tree.

Earl Moore Earl Moore has a degree in biology with a minor in English. His work has been published in Manila Envelope, Four and Twenty Journal, and is scheduled to appear in Three Lights Gallery.

Terry O'Connor Terry O'Connor, an Irish carpenter, painter and candlestick-maker, drifts about Ireland and Europe getting into, and out of, all sorts of adventures. In between his escapades he enjoys writing little stories, poems, haiku and some things, so pricelessly unimportant, that they don't even have names. He enjoys short walks along the beach and long walks back from short walks along the beach. Read more of Terry's haiku at The Irish Haiku Society, Notes from the Gean, The Heron's Nest, Frogpond, Lynx, Shamrock, Modern Haiku and bottle rockets. He was also the winner of the 2009 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival International Haiku Competition.

Kristin Riggs Kristin Riggs is a wife, mother, and sixth grade teacher from Van Buren, Arkansas. In addition to writing, she also has a great passion for music and serves as a vocalist at her church, as well as in her community for various events.

Helen Ruggieri has had haibun in the World Haiku Review, Charabanc, Bottle Rockets, Spoon River Review, and essays in Cream City Review, The Heartlands, Quarter After Eight, and a new anthology from Putnam/Tarcher — How I Learned to Cook, edited by Margo Perin. Her haiku have appeared in World Haiku Review, The Mainichi Daily News, Daily Yomiuri, Presence (England), and in Modern Haiku. She recently won the 30th annual Hart Crane award sponsored by Icon at Kent State University for her poem, 'A Japanese Fable.'

Claudette Russell Claudette Russell is a retired high school English teacher who lives with her husband in Goodwin State Forest in Hampton, Connecticut. Over the years her humorous essays have been published on the op-ed page in various newspapers. Recently she decided she wanted to try a different type of writing and began writing poetry. Her poetry has been or will be published in because we write, tiny words, bottle rockets, The Heron's Nest, and Modern Haiku.

Richard Stevenson Richard Stevenson lives in southern Alberta and teaches at Lethbridge College. He has published 23 full-length works and a half dozen chapbooks. Recent publications include a lyric/narrative collection, Wiser Pills ( Frontenac House, 2008), and two collections of haiku, senryu, tanka, and zappai: Tidings of Magpies (Spotted Cow Press, 2008), and The Emerald Hour (Ekstasis Editions, 2008).

Ling Taara Ling Taara is a Mum, a healer, a life-long traveller and spiritual seeker, a pretty good photography buff, an embarrassingly bad but highly enthusiastic Latin, ballroom and Bollywood dance hobbyist, an improving waka poet... that's it for now. She loves the infinite possibilities within the haiku and tanka forms. She spent her formative years in England with a short spell in Israel. She lives in Singapore.

Dietmar Tauchner, is a social-worker, author and passionate traveller and trekker. His work, mainly haiku, has been published worldwide, including The Red Moon Anthology, Acorn, Modern Haiku, and Frogpond. He has received several awards, including the First Prize at the International Haiku Contest in Croatia, 2004, and the Third Prize at the Kusamakura International Haiku Competition, 2005. He is presently Associate Editor of the German Webzine Haiku heute. His homepage can be viewed at:

Kalina Trendafilova is a twenty-five year old economist, born in Bulgaria and educated abroad. She writes haiku in her spare time.

Penny S. Visser is a psychology professor at the University of Chicago, where she spends her days cultivating publications of a very different sort. This is her first effort at haiku.

Sarah White Sarah White is a teacher from Manchester, England. She was born in 1986 and has lived in Manchester for most of her life, except for when she studied at the University of Leeds. She been writing haiku for about a year. Before she wrote haiku, she wrote sonnets. She sticks to the syllable counts 5-7-5 and 3-5-3 at present.

Nora Wood Nora Wood is a writer and poet living in Atlanta, Georgia with her two daughters. She took up daily haiku in 2007 as a discipline, creative outlet, and challenge. She has had poems published on line and in print, and one of her haiku is included in the upcoming Lilliput Press Basho Challenge chapbook.

Jeffrey Woodward Jeffrey Woodward resides in Detroit. His poems and articles are published widely throughout North America, Europe and Asia. He currently edits Haibun Today and acts in the capacity of Associate Editor for The Hypertexts. His selected poems, In Passing, were published in 2007 and he recently edited The Tanka Prose Anthology (M.E.T. Press).

Quendryth Young Quendryth Young is a retired cytologist who lives on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. After forty years spent researching and reporting cancer of the cervix, she is retired, and remains a wife, mother of two, and grandmother to five. Her life is now filled as a director and National Master in the fascinating game of Bridge, singing alto in the local Chorale, and with her new-found passion for haiku.

Her writing has been published in Australia, USA, UK, NZ, Japan and Europe. Quendryth edits the haiku section of the literary magazine, FreeXpresSion, and coordinates a group of haiku enthusiasts, cloudcatchers, for ginko and workshops. As a member of the Wollumbin Haiku Workshop, her work appears on:

Peter Yovu Peter Yovu is currently, for the next two or three minutes anyway, a deconstruction worker living in Vermont, though at the moment it's too dark to tell. His first name, from the Greek, means "rock" or "stone"; his last name, he claims, means "forty or forty one steps away from enlightenment", though he refuses to say in what language. He is therefore caught between a rock and no place at all.