Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Winter 2009, vol 7 no 4


Assemblage 1: in sunlight


in sunlight buddha's features
and old strawberries
  unwaveringly there
with the stone she would cradle
in the clear water
a headless kouros
ever lightly advancing
the left foot of stone
  the rain song of our broken machine grief
the same blazing blue sky obscurity  
  ocean without end
       no one no one no one no
Our woods are half dressed
in fragile buds as dandelions
sprout from nowhere.
  fading day –
in the blue cry of peacocks
the light of unformed things
night wind in the northern woods in the wake of no one  
  all night rain –
the tattoo
of dreams
ghosts drifting
back to the borderline world —
fragile Mekong dawn
  clear autumn —
the name of a flower
cut into stone
season of petals on a bare branch  
  night trip to the city of ghosts my past
fourteen summers bareback on a quarter horse  
  grey water —
part of a footprint
left on the moon
It is the white hour
between deep night and soft dawn.
Even the wren stares.

Authors (from the top): "obliterated" Sarah White; unwaveringly there," "a headless kouros" Jeffrey Woodward; "the rain song...," "the same blazing..." Lorin Ford; "ocean without end" Peter Yovu; "Our woods..." Joan McNerney; "fading day" Ling Taara; "night wind..." Dietmar Tauchner; "all night rain" Anne Elvey; "ghosts drifting" Ling Taara; "clear autumn" Jeffrey Woodward; "season of petals..." Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah; "night trip..." Dietmar Tauchner; "fourteen summers" Lorin Ford; "grey water" Peggy Lyles; "It is the white..." Joan McNerney.