Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Winter 2009, vol 7 no 4


Assemblage 2: in the dark


he placed his skull cap
next to my blinking laptop
in the dark we kissed
  even if it knew
the flame's heat
Calculating ...
a fish leaps to capture
a bite of heaven
  over deep water smooth animal strokes
     I watch myself get smaller
morning sun
a bee thrusts itself
into a daisy
  a slave ship –
Turner paints light
in the wind
  hard rain
the lines between things
on a rocking horse
my journey
thousand years from the south
  our names
carved on an oak
growing apart
missing you . . .
the moon's fullness
lost in the lake
  hunger pangs —
the kitchen skylight
full of stars
the cold cold wind blows me into the blue church  
  Cool bright delicate.
Let me wear it around my neck,
this soft splash of rain.
goodbye kiss —
soft moonlight touches
the last summer roses
  the cobblestone of
the city's old quarter
and red leaves
a great mystery
neatly solved, the novel ends —
a lamp in autumn
  purple twilight
blooming iris –
what's the difference
steady rain
water ascends
inside the live oak
  dusk deepens
volcanoes cradle
a crescent moon
heavy fog —
unable to see
your lies
  ocean sunset
all I know
drifts away
winter lake
the floodlit pelican
  a mountain
divides my country
in equal halves
under a stainless steel
a country disappears
  a distant train
crossing the plains
summer rains

Authors (from the top): "he placed..." Ling Taara"; even if it knew" Nora Wood; "Calculating" Joan McNerney; "over deep water" Peter Yovu; "morning sun" Quendryth Young; "a slave ship" Anne Elvey; "in/you" Terry O'Connor; "hard rain" Penny S. Visser; "on a rocking horse" Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah; "our names" Terry O'Connor; "missing you," "hunger pangs" Susan Constable; "the cold cold..." Dietmar Tauchner; "Cool bright delicate" Joan McNerney; "goodbye kiss" Kristin Riggs; "the cobblestone," "a great mystery" Jeffrey Woodward; "purple twilight" Helen Ruggieri; "steady rain" Bill Cooper; "dusk deepens" Wende DuFlon; "heavy fog," "ocean sunset" Claudette Russell; "winter lake" Quendryth Young; "a mountain" Kalina Trendafilova; "under a stainless steel" Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah; "a distant train" Earl Moore