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Winter 2009, vol 7 no 4

Edited by Alan Pizzarelli

illustration, by Andy Virgil, City Scapes


so miserable
without her, it's almost
like she's here  

Carol Raisfeld  


love yarns —
grandfather tells us jokes
of grandma’s shyness

Gautam Nadkarni


grandpa's road trip
highlighted on his map —
all the rest stops

Claudia Wilson


spinning yarns
my grandmother's
sewing circle

Dick Whyte


96th birthday...
he says it's wonderful
no peer pressure

Carol Raisfeld


exams passed —
gramps congratulates me
for the fourth time

Gautam Nadkarni


Eat everything
on your plate

I tell my elderly mother

Alexis Rotella


in his mother’s house
he walks into the cobweb
she underlooked

Dee Evetts


getting old
another coincidence goes
without saying
Liam Wilkinson


the morning mail so good
            cold eggs
            cold toast

Anita Virgil


late to school again
the drama queen's
mother explains

Stephen A. Peters


Late for work—
the only clean shirt
is Hawaiian.

Liam Wilkinson


recently divorced
at the dry cleaners
picking up the fresh laundry

Stephen A. Peters


grocery cart
I hide the prune juice behind
the Depends

Claudia Wilson


too quickly
the girl at the pharmacy
knows my name.

Carlos Colón


family get-together
all the eyes all the feelers
all the hands tearing shrimp

Anita Virgil


the lost son
visiting his father
with his son

Jörgen Johansson


at dinner —
criticizing the chicken
dad takes more

Gautam Nadkarni


During dinner,
he tells us
we’re not in his will.

Alexis Rotella


guests for dinner . . .
on the broccoli
pepper with legs

Tanya McDonald


her stomach answers
my question first

Raquel D. Bailey


He looks at his gut
beginning to understand
where his money goes

Belly Peterson


weight loss clinic
stepping on the scale
she spits out her gum
Claudia Wilson


how heavy
the empty can
of Slim-Fast

Carlos Colón


in traffic...hungry
I scan the billboards
for my food choices

Claudia Wilson


snack time
the vegetarian kid eyes
the animal crackers

Carol Raisfeld


her first curling iron
she asks about the label
For External Use Only

Carol Raisfeld


tornado watch —
my brother builds
a pillow fort

Laurence Stacey


my uncle
was the kind of man
the wind blew away from

John Stevenson


old photo —
the bucktooth girl
my first date

Gautam Nadkarni


Ava Gardner movie —
my husband’s face

Alexis Rotella


getting acquainted
beneath the make-up
a few wrinkles

Stephen A. Peters


Double chin—
I contemplate growing
two beards.

Liam Wilkinson


wiping the mirror
the big nose comes
into focus
A. Sethuramiah


50th class reunion
I only recognize —
the music

Claudia Wilson


looking for the pipe wrench
I find the keys
I lost last year

Bob Brill


cleaning the gutters
I scoop up
lost ping pong balls

Anita Virgil


in my sink
the new rust-free drain
already rusting

Mykel Board


Walking the sunny pavement,
isn't life wonderful?
Ooooh, a dime!

Ted Heavens


  trilling back at the tree frog,       
        he answers me!
wonder what it was I said

Anita Virgil


          the woodpecker knocks
a wild haired man swings open the door
           and slams it shut again

Alan Pizzarelli



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