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Winter 2009, vol 7 no 4


September Light
Gary LeBel


The latch-key boy
Rides alone in the cul de sac,
September's compass drawing
Its wide and brilliant arcs
With his bicycle
  The light that guesses well
Your age and comes slanted
As if half asleep,
Telling truths to take or leave,
Belongs to September
What I've learned
After all these years boils down
To this and little else:
It's toward September light
That Gaia turns her mirror
  Through the long afternoon
I thought a prism led the way
Like a team of Isthmian horses
Though it was the same old world as always
Except in September light
After a long dry summer
In the company of dragonflies
The scarecrow
Beats the dust from his jacket
With September winds
  So lovely is this September light
That even Achilles offers
To do 'woman's work'
Tidying up the porch steps
In Elysium
Why is it
That when streaming
With September light
The universe feels
So close?
  September light...
Morning glory
Climbs his grass-stuffed legs—
And I thought all scarecrows
Were ticklish

Gary LeBel lives, scissor-cuts, paints and writes in the Atlanta, Georgia area.