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Winter 2009, vol 7 no 4


Patricia Prime

words on a painting –
the cursive meander
of the eye
from side to side,
top to bottom


how does one catch
the stones dropped
by another
more careless
part of oneself?


my daughter
framed among antiques –
her elegance
a foil to the perfection
of those long-ago times


stepping onto the veranda
my poem touched by moonlight
I rest my arms
on the railing, imagine myself
to be, not me, but someone famous


you know the skin well –
there are responses
from fingers and hips
so familiar that I ache
with foreknowledge


love comes as a gift
like light through a window
supplicant at times
certain of its nature,
determined I will hold it


moon in the sky's throat
asking, what will you write?
as it fixes its stare
opening its yellow eye
on the pulse in my throat


Patricia Prime is co-editor of the New Zealand haiku magazine Kokako, reviews editor of the online magazine Stylus and the New Zealand journal Takahe. Patricia is also assistant editor of the online journal Haibun Today. She enjoys interviewing poets and editors and has had several of her interviews published in Takahe and online in Simply Haiku, Haibun Today and Stylus. She is one of the editors of the Take Five Anthology and her tanka have been published in most of the tanka journals.