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Summer 2006, vol 4 no 2


Ed Markowski


My girlfriend's on vacation in Los Angeles, and my folks moved to Baltimore last month. Here in Joplin, it's a perfect summer night.

There are maybe 50 people in the stands, the usual array of groupies hanging along the third base line like wet clothes, and a fog of moths circling the stadium lights.

I take the mound. A third of an inning later, Ernie takes the ball, and shakes his head. My line score reads . . .

H  R  ER  BB  K
7   8   8    3     0

For the most part, the fans are silent, except for the big man beneath the "i love cold beer & hot women" cap. You'd think I killed his mother. He really gives me what for . . .

booed & cursed . . .
it's a comfort to know
someone cares

poet Ed Markowski lives and writes in Auburn Hills, Michigan. His poetry was featured at Cornell University's Mann Library in March of 2005.