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Summer 2006, vol 4 no 2


The Hawk's Grand Swoop

An Indian Triparshva Renku

Kala Ramesh - Pune, India
Yajushi - Hyderabad, India
Norman Darlington - Bunclody, Ireland (lead poet)
with a guest verse from the fifth century Sanskrit poet Kalidasa
Composed January to March 2006

Verse   Author Season Seasonal Topic

jo (preface)

hokku the winter sun –
its slow rise above
the hawk's grand swoop
Kala Winter / Shishir winter sun
wakiku on the corner
men huddle around a fire
Yajushi Winter / Shishir fire
daisan our plan takes shape
in scribbles on a torn-off
scrap of paper
Norman ns (no season)  
4 dispelling any doubt
your allergic sneeze
Kala ns  
5 in the warm air
a fragrant scent of jasmine
through the moonbeams
Yajushi Summer / Grishma jasmine
6 I seek a little shade
in this parched riverbed
Norman Summer / Grishma dry riverbed

ha (development)

7 Hanuman leaps
over to Sri Lanka
landing centre-stage
Kala ns  
8 spinal damage to the
Tamil dictionary
Norman ns  
9 a moment's glint
from three points on your face
as lightning flashes
Yajushi Monsoon / Varsha lightning
10 her longing eyes search
the rain drenched path
Kala Monsoon / Varsha rain
11 this velvet touch...
how can I be expected
to resist?
Norman ns  
12 quietly, the heavy door
shuts out the future
Yajushi ns  
13 save the forests!
a human chain of students
on a morcha
Kala ns  

our shadows bend and rise
around the scarecrow

Yajushi Autumn / Sharad scarecrow

rich and poor
on towers of silence
underneath one moon

Norman Autumn / Sharad moon
16 without a thought
the dragonfly floats away
Kala Autumn / Sharad dragonfly

kyu (fast close)


they come together
fingers and a thumb
to pinch the salt

Yajushi ns  
18 through golden rice
a roaming herd of does
Kalidasa Frost / Hemant golden rice
19 hissing steam
the old engine as it
struggles up the hill
Norman ns  
20 a neighbour's bold kite
dives to meet the meek
Yajushi Spring / Vasant kite-flying
21 her voice
mango blossom fresh
fills the concert hall
Kala Spring / Vasant mango blossom

laughing loudly as my
shirt turns red and green

Norman Spring / Vasant Holi

Dedicated to the memory of Yajushi's mother, M. Radha Sundari, who died on 11th March 2006, having lived to see a thousand full moons.

Glossary and notes:

morcha: protest march (Indian English)
towers of silence: Parsees (Indian Zoroastrians) dispose of their dead in an open tower, leaving the corpses to the vultures. This structure is known as a dakhma (Avestan: “tower of silence”)

Verse 18 is from Kalidasa's Sanskrit poem, Ritu Samharam (Gathering of the Seasons), Canto 4

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