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Summer 2006, vol 4 no 2



Junicho Renku: Pizzicato


first blackthorn blossom
the tightness of the starling flock


risen mist
has left the greenness


under the canal bridge
just the throb
of a passing barge


string quartet pizzicato
at the open window


through the toolbox -
a waft of wood oil


at the flea market
she finds that special scarf


I suppose
you’re an old flame -
what an odd thought


the Kama Sutra
carved in stone


scratching the city
stark moon
and frost


almost perfect
hotpot gets peppered


last-gasp equaliser
the chanting
switches ends


the wind blows out
the pumpkin’s eyes


all verses collegiate - composed 21/04/06
Kilnsey in Wharfedale

John Barlow
Colin Blundell
Doreen King
Martin Lucas
David Platt
Helen Robinson


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