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Summer 2006, vol 4 no 2

Edited by Alan Pizzarelli


since the fire
so many things
I can do without

Karen Sohne


no one in sight
the rich man picks up
the shiny penny

Bob Brill


it's dogshit…
it's dogshit

Barry George


sign outside
the telemarketing factory:
No Soliciting!

Don Miller


"I'm serious!"
he shouts
wearing a pinwheel hat

Alan Pizzarelli


grasping the "wet paint" sign
the dyslectic

Jörgen Johansson


trying on a suit
before a mirror
he stops to squeeze a zit

Bob Brill


the executive
in a new dark suit
cursing the pigeon

Elizabeth St Jacques


small town festival:
the quilting champion wins
an electric blanket

Mike Dillon


tunnel of love
she props the stuffed frog
between us

Ed Markowski


On the clown's dresser
      a red nose
          and a picture of Edith

Arizona Zipper


after pronouncing
the prune pie "delicious"
he shits his pants

Ted Heavens


the fruit pickers
seem glum about it —
a record crop

Michael McClintock


  his first haircut
     a cowlick

Randy Brooks


boys giggle and point —
on a clothesline
wind-blown women's underwear

Bob Brill


in her dressing room
the stripper powders her breasts
and whispers something to them

Cor van den Heuvel


on the showgirl's lap
the ventriloquist's dummy
gets a woody

Diana Pandolfo


the all-night café —
a teenager sits alone
smelling his fingers

Mykel Board


first meditation class —
he begins by contemplating
the blonde's navel

Ray Rasmussen


her tattoo —
wondering about the part
that doesn't show

Efren Estevez


even with "Juicy"
written across her ass
she scowls at my glance

Shane Bartlett


"You seem like a nice guy,"
she says —
I brace myself for the "but"

Jesse McGowen


all night:
the faucet I fixed

Garry Gay


in the shower
an economy-size bar of soap
lands on my toe

Tom Clausen


my mind takes a leap
off the baseboard
in the bathroom

Cor van den Heuvel


old water fountain
hitting me in the eye

Barry George


cool forest lake
as I slip off my shorts the snort
of a bull moose

George Swede


scrambling to follow
our sticks in the stream,
one of us joins them

M. Franklyn Teaford


full elevator
silently someone breaking wind
the door closes

Carlos Colón


at the cat show
the rock star's girlfriend
in her leopard coat

Patricia Neubauer


lifted out of his shoes
he praises
the bully's nose ring

Jörgen Johansson


Methodical husband:
On his list of chores, she finds
her name.

Anita Krumins


she always reads the film critics
to find out
what she thinks

Anita Virgil


a fat woman
sinks and sinks
into the plush sofa

Kala Ramesh


spin the bottle —
every turn
i get myself

Stanford M. Forrester


paging through the anthology
that doesn't include

Karen Sohne


wringing out the dishrag
again i ask
where he's been

Brynne McAdoo


He said he spent
      the night alone —
hairpin on the floor.

Alexis Rotella


divorce proceedings —
things hers, not his
his, not hers

Ray Rasmussen


they take the beach chair
up and with everything in it

Martin Shea


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