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Summer 2006, vol 4 no 2


Denis M. Garrison


gripping your wrist
deafened by falling water
I see only
your frightened eyes
how long ... how long


fund-raising dinner
slides of starving children
flash quickly by-
the tinkle of crystal
and silver almost stops


for mercy
the caught carp
cries out "brother!"
a joyful splash
a fleeting gleam


unshed tears
I'm told they're high
in calcium . . .
enough of them, your heart
can turn to stone


the brief cloud of snow
as an axe strikes this oak
a staggering blow
after his diagnosis
I can't hear the doctor's voice


yet chilled to the bone
I go out for morning chores
a breeze rises with the sun-
the old windmill
screeches into motion


moving house-
there, under my desk,
your lost photo
smiling in sweet ignorance
of cruel days ahead

--First published in Nisqually Delta Review, Winter/Spring 2006.


valley winds-
the faint voices
of children at play come
and go

--[cinqku #34] was published on Garrison's Haiku & Tanka Unchained blog, Sept. 11, 2005.


of blown petals
covers the forest path.
We two walk on slain beauty. The
rain falls.

--First published in May Dazed, by CinquainPoets (Lulu Press. 2005).


Shine on,
my young May moon!
Spread your liquid silver
across a bleeding world. No one
blames you.


Denis M. Garrison Denis M. Garrison lives in northern Maryland. His poetry is published in Ribbons, Lynx, Poetry Scotland, Nightingale, Verse Libre Quarterly, Stirring, World Haiku Review, Nisqually Delta Review, Short Stuff, Full Moon, and others. Garrison's published books include Eight Shades of Blue and The Brink at Logan Pond; he's anthologized in May Dazed and Poets Gone Wild. He is the Editor of Haiku Harvest and a new webzine publication 3x5 Review, specializing in short form poetry.