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Summer 2006, vol 4 no 2


Jari Thymian


at night
my mother orders
Merlot and pinto beans
then devours
all my metaphors


the great fisherman
sits on immense ice
how often do thoughts
circle back
to the small hole


waves lick the lakeshore
in my body
all that is water
joins the gentle motion


grains of wild rice cook
tonight my guests will savor
the lake's happiness


a flower's life
I'd be French lilac
seducing Sunday strollers
to bury their faces in my blooms


my blue parakeet
wrapped in Sunday's comics
under the clematis
I miss how he nibbled
my toes and ear lobes


again your fingers
through all the strands of my hair
I feel
like the last lines
of a Lorca poem

--First published in Buffalo Bones, 1999)


I hold my breath
until you breathe
but pray you don't ever
open your blue eyes again


Jari Thymian's poetry has appeared in Buckle &, The Christian Science Monitor, Ekphrasis, The Pedestal Magazine, Wild Plum, and in various anthologies. Poems are forthcoming in Modern Haiku, American Tanka, The Progenitor, Poetry Motel, and an anthology from Pudding House.