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Autumn 2006, vol 4 no 3


Hawkeye Down
Denis Garrison


Five friends' ashes have drifted in the Tonkin Gulf these thirty-eight years. How many miraculous transmutations have they undergone already? What sea plants did they feed, and what fed on them? What wonderful creatures have carried their molecules, through how many generations? Life and death blink in and out, yet always there is life. Death returns incessantly, yet always there is life.

No matter how and where their ashes spread, they live on in their families' memories, in the minds and hearts of their friends. Death is a petty tyrant that the brave won't fear. My friends died suddenly, so long ago, so far away, yet they are still here.

Memorial Day? That's any day that ends in 'y'.

six men laughing
only one has grown old
and weeps at night

Denis M. Garrison Denis M. Garrison lives in northern Maryland. His poetry is published in Ribbons, Lynx, Wisteria, Roadrunner, Moonset, Poetry Scotland, Nightingale, Verse Libre Quarterly, Stirring, World Haiku Review, Nisqually Delta Review, Short Stuff, Full Moon, and others. Garrison's published books include Eight Shades of Blue and The Brink at Logan Pond; he's anthologized in May Dazed and Poets Gone Wild. He is Haiku Editor of Simply Haiku, the Editor of Haiku Harvest and of a new webzine publication 3x5 Review, specializing in short form poetry.