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Autumn 2006, vol 4 no 3


Moussia Fantoli

Parma is an ancient city in the north of Italy. It is rich in history and art masterpieces. Its palaces, streets and places make it an open air, splendid drawing room.

The Opera theatre "Regio" is famous for the connoisseurs of music who can decree the success or the flop of an artist. The country is nice and rich in products: Parmesan and Parma ham are some of those.

tempo di fichi
prosciutto e parmigiano
in amicizia

fig time
ham and parmesan
in friendship

Tommaso is a lucky baby. He is a wonderful 17 month old child with a lovely and smiling angel face: deep blue eyes and fair curls. His parents and older brother love him as a joyful, blessed gift from heaven. Even if Tommy - this is his pet name - suffers from epilepsy, mummy and daddy cure him with more and more love. They are a nice family who live a peaceful life between the city house and an old country house that they are restoring.

il sole gioca
coi riccioli del bimbo
per risvegliarlo

the sun plays
with the baby's curls
to awake him

One of the bricklayers who works to restore the country house, has made his plans. Even if the family treat him like a friend and Tommy plays with his child, a 6 year old boy, the bricklayer, his wife and another man decide to kidnap Tommy. Tommy's father is not rich, but he is the director of the Postal Office and in the Postal Office there is always a lot of money. They will ask for a 5.000.000 euros ransom.

casse d'arance -
quanto costa il bambino?
tutto Ť mercato

box of oranges -
how much for this baby?
everything is market

The evening of the kidnapping, the two criminals with their faces covered by crash helmets break into the country house where the family are dining. They have switched the current off in advance, outside the house that the bricklayer knows very well. They tie up the parents and the older brother, and then snatch Tommy from his high chair and run away. The terrorized baby weeps and screams. The bricklayer tries to calm him, but when the screams become too high, he kills Tommy using a spade.

grandine e vento
della rosa per terra
il suo bocciolo

hail and wind
of the rose on the ground
its bud

The following days, while the police desperately seek the baby and the criminals, the parents appeal to the kidnappers on TV explaining what medicines Tommy needs and how to give them to him. They implore the kidnappers to give back their baby. But the appeal remains without reply. Day after day their hopes rise and fall.

ore del giorno
e ore della notte
angoscia eguale

day time
and night time
same anguish

Finally the police noose tightens around the kidnappers. The bricklayer, undergoing a lengthy interrogation, confesses his crime. Tommy's body is found a few centimetres underground near the river and not far from his house.

ti cantÚ il fiume
la ninnananna mentre
dormivi in terra

the river sang you
a lullaby while
you slept in the ground

Moussia Fantoli - Roma

Moussia Fantoli

Born in Roma last millennium. Classic studies include Latin, Greek, Philosophy and History. A graduate in law, later becoming a lawyer, but the artist inside resented her choice and so now she is a full time artist! Although her talents range from writing (besides being the steady winner of many literary contests, one of her novels has been adapted for and broadcast on the Italian radio - RAI) to handicraft (jewelry, decoupage, interior decorating, etc.), her favorite interest remains writing.