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Autumn 2006, vol 4 no 3


Zane Parks


My legs tire so quickly. The specialist attaches blood-pressure cuffs to my legs -- thighs, calves, and tiny ones for the big toes. Cuffs inflate in synch. Diagnosis: arteries are clogged. Muscles aren't getting oxygen. In olden times, gangrene sets in and the legs are amputated. Nowadays it can be corrected with surgery. An aorta-femoral bypass graft. The surgeon shows me the part. An inverted Y. The top is a flexible cylinder with the circumference of a quarter. It splits into a couple of cylinders with the circumference of dimes. With the operation and time to recover, I will be back to normal.

feeling it now
I remember the bounce -
new tennis shoes

Zane Parks lives in California with his wife Bridget and cats Buddy and Starbucks. He writes haiku, tanka, and related forms. Haibun is a recent interest. Some of his work can be viewed online at