Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Autumn 2006, vol 4 no 3


Susan Constable


with a dozen anglers -
one blue heron
  semaphore -
flashes of white-tailed deer
dot the hillside
a band of
daffodils trumpeting
yellow song
  after the funeral -
a ribbon of moonlight
across her pillow
a gerbil's tail
dangles from my son's fingers -
"Daddy fix?"

Susan Constable Susan Constable has poetry published in several print magazines, including Tower Poetry, Quills, and Island Writers Magazine. Her work has also appeared online in Poems Niederngasse, Ken*Again, Slow Trains, and Lily. Two of her haiku were selected as Highly Commended in the 2006 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, for which almost 1000 entries were received. She lives and writes on the west coast of Canada.