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Autumn 2006, vol 4 no 3


Truls Horvei


the oak tree
two leaves falling
at the same time
to blad faller
stars are stuck
fast in the heavens
the moon in an ice mirror
  stjernene fryser
fast til himmelen
månen speiler seg i is
silent snowflakes
slowly I feel warmer
in a different landscape
  snø faller stille
sakte blir jeg varmere
i et annet landskap
autumnal coloured moors
I'm startled by
all that silence
  høstgule vidder
jeg kvepper
av all denne stillheten
Midsummer's Eve
the moon and I
are hung over
månen og jeg
er full

Translated from Norwegian to English by Kjersti Berge and Stuart Moody.

Truls Horvei Truls Horvei is a poet, writer and journalist from Norway. He lives south of Bergen on the West Coast where he was born. He has written five books of poetry and two novels for young people. Since the 80s he has been interested in haiku. Even before the first collection of poems in 1988, Mermaidhorses, Horvei published haiku in Norwegian literary magazines.

Some of his poems in English translation appeared in the magazine Helios (Greece) and The Poem & The World (Seattle). He has also worked with musicians and has released three CDs with poetry and music. In 2005 came Haikutronics, a mix between Horvei's own haiku and electronica. His Web page is at: