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Autumn 2006, vol 4 no 3


Marjorie Buettner

another spring
the nights are long and languid
caught in becoming
tell me before we vanish
how much you have loved this life


the reversed Tao
Yeats's gyres that do not hold
dreams of unrest...
this morning I imagined
I could talk with you again


almost spring
the sound of deer
moving out of darkness
all night long the moon has paved
deep circles around my sleep


each other for what went wrong
wounded, wounding
the dull thud of sudden flight
against invisible glass


should I have died
on my way to work
this hoar-frost morning
let crystals that beg viewing
pave a path of light for me


early spring
I wash my hair in rain
once again
down to the bare essence
of this mystery called life


Marjorie Buettner Marjorie Buettner's haiku, tanka, and other short form verse have won many awards, including First Place and Honorable mention in the Harold G. Henderson Haiku Society of America Award, 2002, 2004 respectively.