Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Autumn 2006, vol 4 no 3


Joanne Morcom

church catacombs ...
skulls arranged neatly
by the thousands
I accidently touch
a leg bone


Cuzco after dark ...
dizzy from the altitude
and Andean whiskey
I wander into
the wrong hotel


La Recoleta ...
no one near Evita's crypt
except me
holding an umbrella
and a yellow rose


Plaza de Mayo ...
mothers of the disappeared
still protest every Thursday
their hair now as white
as their head scarves


outdoor cafe ...
ice cubes in my glass
melt into one
thoughts of you arise


Iguassu Falls ...
is that mist on my face
or perspiration?
roar of the water
in my dreams


Iguassu River ...
alligators stare at me
with unblinking eyes
I wish I hadn't
worn perfume today


bird sanctuary ...
grey parrots converse
in Portuguese
feeling left out
I nibble on sunflower seeds


Copacabana ...
knocked down by a wave
I swallow salt water
and can't imagine
a better way to die


stuck in traffic
I play my samba CD
over and over --
snow seems to fall
to the same beat


Joanne Morcom lives in Calgary, Alberta where she works in two long-term care centers as a social worker.  She also writes and publishes tanka, haiku, haibun and flash fiction.  She is currently writing a scifaiku chapbook for Sam's Dot Publishing. Visit Joanne's website at: